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The campaign takes place across the countries of Mirranor, Rarkonir, and Ethaemar.


Player Characters

Name Race Class
Chase Human Ranger (Scout)
Mattsimus Moon-Elf (Eladrin) Psion (Assassin)
Joy Tiefling Paladin
Brandis Human Rogue (Thief)
Lorianna Human Rogue (Thief)
Grissom Revenant (Human) Hybrid Paladin (Cavalier)/Vampire, Multiclass Bard
Vespiro Moon-Elf (Eladrin) Hexblade (Fey Pact of the White Well)
Heijeon Wild Elf Hexblade (Fey Pact)
Nili Hamadryad Witch

Key NPCs

Name Race Class Description
Reginald Onaeleus Human? Wild Magic Sorcerer Friendly chaotic wizard from Crompton
Thomdril Merrilyn Human Bard Gleeman met in The Tilted Wig in Nyminty City
Captain von Überwald Human Fighter (?) Captain of the Queensguard in Nyminty City
Queen Naevys Silverwell Human Queen-in-Waiting of Mirranor
Regent Lews Therin Telamon Human Regent of Mirranor
Sergeant Ironhelm Human Fighter Sergeant of Zoran's Gate guard regiment
Tenjon Yrvild Dwarf Fighter Runs Smoky Angel in Crompton, ex-Kingsguard
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